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Agriculture And Conservation Committee
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Jerry Costello Rep.
Jerry Costello (DEM-IL-116th)
Ranking Member
Charles Meier Rep.
Charles Meier (REP-IL-108th)
Republicans (7)
Rep. Avery Bourne (REP-IL-95th)
Rep. Randy Frese (REP-IL-94th)
Rep. Brad Halbrook (REP-IL-102nd)
Rep. Sara Jimenez (REP-IL-99th)
Rep. Dave Severin (REP-IL-117th)
Rep. Brian Stewart (REP-IL-89th)
Rep. Daniel Swanson (REP-IL-74th)
Democrats (7)
Rep. Daniel Burke (DEM-IL-1st)
Rep. Barbara Currie (DEM-IL-25th)
Rep. Natalie Phelps Finnie (DEM-IL-118th)
Rep. Michael Halpin (DEM-IL-72nd)
Rep. Sonya Harper (DEM-IL-6th)
Rep. Lou Lang (DEM-IL-16th)
Rep. Litesa Wallace (DEM-IL-67th)

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