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Appropriations - Elementary and Secondary Education Committee
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William Davis Rep.
William Davis (DEM-IL-30th)
Ranking Member
Robert Pritchard Rep.
Robert Pritchard (REP-IL-70th)
Republicans (8)
Rep. Thomas Bennett (REP-IL-106th)
Rep. Avery Bourne (REP-IL-95th)
Rep. John Cavaletto (REP-IL-107th)
Rep. Jeanne Ives (REP-IL-42nd)
Rep. Sheri Jesiel (REP-IL-61st)
Rep. Steven Reick (REP-IL-63rd)
Rep. Dave Severin (REP-IL-117th)
Rep. Joe Sosnowski (REP-IL-69th)
Democrats (10)
Rep. Carol Ammons (DEM-IL-103rd)
Rep. John Connor (DEM-IL-85th)
Rep. Melissa Conyears-Ervin (DEM-IL-10th)
Rep. La Shawn Ford (DEM-IL-8th)
Rep. LaToya Greenwood (DEM-IL-114th)
Rep. Theresa Mah (DEM-IL-2nd)
Rep. Michelle Mussman (DEM-IL-56th)
Rep. Justin Slaughter (DEM-IL-27th)
Rep. Cynthia Soto (DEM-IL-4th)
Rep. Emanuel Welch (DEM-IL-7th)

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