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Economic Opportunity and Equity Committee
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Sonya Harper Rep.
Sonya Harper (DEM-IL-6th)
Ranking Member
Charles Meier Rep.
Charles Meier (REP-IL-108th)
Republicans (5)
Rep. Andrew Chesney (REP-IL-89th)
Rep. Mike Marron (REP-IL-104th)
Rep. Tony McCombie (REP-IL-71st)
Rep. Chris Miller (REP-IL-110th)
Rep. Patrick Windhorst (REP-IL-118th)
Democrats (7)
Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth (DEM-IL-92nd)
Rep. Will Guzzardi (DEM-IL-39th)
Rep. Joyce Mason (DEM-IL-61st)
Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin (DEM-IL-38th)
Rep. Anna Moeller (DEM-IL-43rd)
Rep. Nicholas Smith (DEM-IL-34th)
Rep. Mark Walker (DEM-IL-53rd)

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