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Jay Hoffman Rep.
Jay Hoffman (DEM-IL-113th)
Ranking Member
Jeanne Ives Rep.
Jeanne Ives (REP-IL-42nd)
Republicans (9)
Rep. Peter Breen (REP-IL-48th)
Rep. Randy Frese (REP-IL-94th)
Rep. Charles Meier (REP-IL-108th)
Rep. Reginald Phillips (REP-IL-110th)
Rep. Steven Reick (REP-IL-63rd)
Rep. Brian Stewart (REP-IL-89th)
Rep. Grant Wehrli (REP-IL-41st)
Rep. Barbara Wheeler (REP-IL-64th)
Rep. Keith Wheeler (REP-IL-50th)
Democrats (13)
Rep. Luis Arroyo (DEM-IL-3rd)
Sen. Scott Bennett (DEM-IL-52nd)
Rep. Kelly Burke (DEM-IL-36th)
Rep. Kelly Cassidy (DEM-IL-14th)
Rep. John D'Amico (DEM-IL-15th)
Rep. William Davis (DEM-IL-30th)
Rep. Frances Hurley (DEM-IL-35th)
Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez (DEM-IL-24th)
Rep. Rita Mayfield (DEM-IL-60th)
Rep. Andre Thapedi (DEM-IL-32nd)
Rep. Lawrence Walsh (DEM-IL-86th)
Rep. Emanuel Welch (DEM-IL-7th)
Rep. Ann Williams (DEM-IL-11th)

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