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Telecommunications and Information Technology Committee
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Bill Cunningham Sen.
Bill Cunningham (DEM-IL-18th)
Ranking Member
Jil Tracy Sen.
Jil Tracy (REP-IL-47th)
Republicans (6)
Sen. Pamela Althoff (REP-IL-32nd)
Sen. Michael Connelly (REP-IL-21st)
Sen. Tom Rooney (REP-IL-27th)
Sen. Paul Schimpf (REP-IL-58th)
Sen. Dave Syverson (REP-IL-35th)
Sen. Chuck Weaver (REP-IL-37th)
Democrats (9)
Sen. Cristina Castro (DEM-IL-22nd)
Sen. John Cullerton (DEM-IL-6th)
Sen. Napoleon Harris (DEM-IL-15th)
Sen. Linda Holmes (DEM-IL-42nd)
Sen. Emil Jones (DEM-IL-14th)
Sen. John Mulroe (DEM-IL-10th)
Sen. Antonio Munoz (DEM-IL-1st)
Sen. Elgie Sims (DEM-IL-17th)
Sen. Steven Stadelman (DEM-IL-34th)

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