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Transportation: Regulation, Roads and Bridges Committee
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Marcus Evans Rep.
Marcus Evans (DEM-IL-33rd)
Ranking Member
Margo McDermed Rep.
Margo McDermed (REP-IL-37th)
Republicans (4)
Rep. Jerry Long (REP-IL-76th)
Rep. Tony McCombie (REP-IL-71st)
Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst (REP-IL-79th)
Rep. Christine Winger (REP-IL-45th)
Democrats (6)
Rep. Jaime Andrade (DEM-IL-40th)
Rep. Monica Bristow (DEM-IL-111th)
Rep. Michael Halpin (DEM-IL-72nd)
Rep. Natalie Manley (DEM-IL-98th)
Rep. Robert Martwick (DEM-IL-19th)
Rep. Nicholas Smith (DEM-IL-34th)

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